The inaugural “Hockey India League” will be played in 6 cities with 6 franchise based teams. Each team in Hockey India League will have 24 players, which will include 10 foreign players and 14 Indian players. Of course, there will be an auction for players, as it is in the IPL from which the concept is mimicked.


The Hockey India League officials reported that till now 28 Indian players have made themselves available for the cash rich Hockey league. It is expected that around 150 Indian players and approximately 100 foreign players will signed up for the first ever Hockey India League. These players will be then put up for auction in September 2012. Since there are six teams in the league, so there will be 144 players who will make the final cut.


So, looks like finally Hockey Players will have enough cash in their pockets, and guess what India will again take the center stage but this time it’s not cricket, it’s hockey…Chakk De !!