Facebook is all set to launch its very own app centre to help its members explore software available on the social media website. It is believed that the app centre service will be available on computers as well as on Android and iOS operating system-based phones and tablets running Facebook’s own apps.


The good news for Facebook is that this move can boost Facebook’s revenues. Facebook plans to take a 30% share of in-app purchases made using its app centre. The service will be first made available to the users in the USA, followed by UK, and then in all other countries across the world.

Facebook also mentioned that each user will experience a unique recommendation based on the apps they and their friends used. Initially, only the “high quality” apps would appear with the criteria based on members’ ratings and frequency of use. Already more than 650 apps – including games such as EA’s The Sims, utilities such as video app Socialcam and social sharing services like Pinterest – have made the initial cut.


This certainly is a good move by Facebook, after a lot of negative buzz about its IPO. It will be interesting to see how this initiative fairs.