After multiple attacks by the Hacker Group Anonymous, Indian Govt. is really struggling and looking to ramp up all security measures to fight against “Anonymous”.


The news is Anonymous has openly challenged the Indian government to conduct a cyber attack on 9th June. Anonymous internet activist group is asking for justice and threatening the Indian Govt. over the content censorship.

The online protest will be turned into a real-world street protests on Saturday, according to the Anonymous. The government has meanwhile issued warnings to its departments and private organizations that host websites and run data centers in order to protect against the attacks.


Beyond all the fuss, it is very clear that people do want freedom, and blocking the internet is certainly against the freedom of expression. In a way, Anonymous is not doing anything wrong but openly challenging the Indian Govt. to take back its decision.

In any case, this is certainly hotting up a big battle between the Indian Govt. and the Anonymous !!