Endukante Premanta is a much awaited telugu flick this summer. The film is a romantic drama setup in a foreign land. The story begins with Ram (Ram) and Sravanthi (Tamanna) meeting in Paris. Both Ram and Sravanthi want to leave Paris because of their own reasons, but they need money and passport, which they don’t have. They realize both of them are in similar situation and become friends.


Later, Sravanthi chances upon Ram and takes his help to fly away from Paris to India. Endukante Premanta takes a mysterious turn. Audiences then get captivated with the questions such as- Why Sravanthi chose only Ram for escaping from Paris? Is there a link between the two? After some twists and turns in India story finally settles down and then there is a happy ending !!


Endukante Premanta is inspired from an English movie “Just Like Heaven”. Director failed to mimic the original movie, not only the screenplay is ordinary, but the script looked broken. At times, you will feel unnecessary scenes and dialogues in the movie. Due to poor script the chemistry between Ram and Tamanna also looked poor. Despite being a romantic drama, film fumbles and tumbles a lot as a romantic fantasy.

Though, the lead pair in the movie has done a decent job.  Ram looked energetic and certainly given his best shot. His performance is good and his dance numbers are a delight. Tamanna did well with limited script whatever has been offered. Of course, the diva looked stunning and the director hasn’t missed the trick in capturing close-up shots of the beautiful Tamanna. Rest of the crew did an Ok job.


Overall, Endukante Premanta lacks the soul and feel required for a romantic film. The film is slow and the script is weak. The film might go well with Ram and Tamanna fans, they would still like the close-up shots of the lead pair. There are limited funny sections, and beyond that there isn’t much in the movie.

CITYHYD recommendation: 2.5 Stars, Watch it if you are a Ram-Tamanna Fan!!