If you are on LinkedIn then there is a reason to worry because Linkedin on its website’s blog confirmed that some passwords were “compromised.” Linkedin officials also mentioned that – “We are continuing to investigate this situation”.

LinkedIn has already sent emails to members whose passwords were impacted.


LinkedIn, a social media firm that caters to companies seeking employees and people looking for jobs has over 160 million members across the globe. At the moment, over 60% of Linkedin user base is located in the USA.

If the insider reports are to be believed it is confirmed that the attackers had been inside LinkedIn’s network for several days, based on an analysis. It is also anticipated that even though LinkedIn is investigating the whole incident, but if the attackers may still have access to the system, then users who have already changed their passwords may have to do so again. LinkedIn official have declined to comment on whether an attack might still be in progress.


The breach was detected early Wednesday when computer security engineer said they discovered files with around 6.5 million encrypted passwords on an underground website where criminal hackers frequently exchange stolen internet information.

So, if you are on Linkedin it is safe to change your password now !!