In order to stop the fast selling Samsung Galaxy S3 in the USA, Apple Inc. has asked a California court to stop Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphones’ sales, ahead of its U.S. launch. Apple is claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S3 device infringes at least couple of Apple’s patents.


Meanwhile, Samsung’s flagship model, Galaxy S3, is selling like a fire in Europe and many critics have rated it a better phone than Apple’s iPhone. Apple told that it had obtained the Galaxy S III sold in the U.K., and found that it infringes couple of Apple’s patent issues.

Apple Inc. said it requested Samsung to confirm that it would not launch the Galaxy S III in the USA until the court has had an opportunity to consider and rule on Apple’s motion for preliminary injunction.


Samsung refused, stating that Apple’s pending preliminary injunction motion will have no bearing on the release date of the Galaxy S III, Apple said. It is too late to add new products to the pending motion for a preliminary injunction, Samsung said.

Looks like there is a new battle hotting up !!