On the occasion of the ‘World IPv6 Day’ i.e. 6th June 2012, all major Internet Service Providers, networking equipments producers and web-based companies around the world are permanently enabling the IPv6 for their products and services. June 6th will be a great day in the internet history and a major milestone in the global deployment of IPv6.


Last year on the occasion of ‘World IPv6 Day’ an event was organized for the top websites and ISPs around the world, where they successfully tested the global trial of IPv6. Department of Telecommunication (DoT) in India took the initiative along with majority of the major service providers to handle traffic & offer IPv6 services.

Despite the readiness of IPv6 by the major service providers, there are still issues to be addressed in order to efficiently access the IPv6 services. There are three major challenges at the moment: readiness of the content providers, equipment vendors and end user devices. Dot is already working with service providers in order to tackle all three challenges.


In any case, IPv6 implementation in India is a step forward toward the new internet protocol. Hopefully, Dot will be able to overcome all challenges it is facing at the moment !!