The latest buzz in the tech world is that Google has decided to buy web-based instant-messaging service Meebo in order to expand its reach. Although there is no official reports about the deal, but the speculations are that the deal is priced at 100 million dollars.

Here is the snapshot from the Meebo’s website:


It is assumed that Meebo will be playing a large role for Google+. It is also said that with Meebo’s expertise in social publisher tools, it will be a great fit with the Google+. Google will be trying to create more ways for users to engage online. It is also speculated that Meebo boasts about a 100 million monthly active users, which certainly makes an attractive buy for Google.


Despite all the murmurs, at this moment the fate of Meebo is not very clear. However, if the insider reports are believed Google and Meebo are already working on staff re-purposing and layoffs.