Facebook has sparked yet another controversy by considering new ideas to invite children younger than 13 onto its social media platform.  Facebook is looking to bolster the company’s user base but the move has also sparked concern among regulators over the safety concerns of the young Internet users.


Many analysts predict that it will be a big problem for the new public firm: Facebook, which needs to find solutions to increase revenue and please its shareholders.

Already the Kids are spending more time online than ever before. On social media channels such as Facebook, children are unknowingly disposing their pictures, location information and personal details — all the valuable information that Facebook could be passing on to the advertisers who want to sell sodas and jeans to the young minds.


Till now, Facebook has restricted users younger than 13. Keeping aside Facebook’s business perspective, the question raised is that- how safe it is for children below 13 to spend time over the social media website such as Facebook? On moral ground, no parents would want to get their children get their hands dirty with social media at an early age of 8-9 years.

children of facebook

Well, we will see what Facebook is planning and how much of an impact it will have on the society overall.