ICC cricket committee decided to retain its controversial Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) Method, used for calculating targets in rain affected cricket matches.  The ICC compared the D/L Method against the VJD system created by an Indian software professional V Jayadevan. The VJD system is already being used in Indian domestic matches for calculating targets in rain affected matches.


“The ICC Cricket Committee considered in great detail the proposal by Jayadevan for his calculation of target scores to be adopted in place of the current Duckworth/Lewis (D/L) method. Despite that the ICC cricket committee unanimously agreed that neither there is enough evidence of any significant flaws in the D/L method nor did the VJD method offered any improvements.

Hence, finally the ICC cricket committee decided to continue with the D/L as the preferred method of calculating target scores in reduced limited overs matches !!


Though, ICC says there wasn’t any pressure from the England about retaining its very own D/L method, but it has been speculated that not many Englishmen were in favor of adopting a new Indian method.