The actor of the film, Balakrishna,  takes a dig at Jagan Mohan Reddy for rigging up statues, and by saying great leaders are found not on roads but in the hearts of the people. “I can’t be lured by posts,” is the rhetoric in the film’s teaser. And Balakrishna does just that!! The son of TDP founder-president and former Andhra Pradesh CM NTR, Nandamuri Balakrishna plays a triple role in Adhinayakudu. A story on the current political milieu in the state, the film has allusions to the “glorious” regime of NTR.

The film has an impossible plot and below par narrative, making it less political thriller and more a mindless comedy. Adhinayakudu is a revenge drama where son turns on father and later avenger, all played by who-else but Balayya himself !! Of course, Balayya’s fans may still like the movie, otherwise movie is a big disappointment. In the movie, Balayya plays the elder Rayalseema well, which is the only good part of the movie. But as his son and grandson, Balayya fails to strike the absolute balance required.


The film is truly absurd for anyone to take it seriously. Laxmi Rai’s character is a pure showcase of the movie and totally waste. Watch Adhinayakudu only for its loud and bright costumes, pedestrian special effects, unintentional laughter, belly buttons – and nothing else !!


CITYHYD Recommendation: Better be avoided !!