Samsung started a store service, similar to iTunes, that lets smart-phone users listen to online stored music as the world’s top smart-phone maker competes with Apple Inc. to win more users seeking media content on their handsets.


Samsung’s Music Hub will be first available on the Galaxy S III smart-phone that went on sale in 28 countries today, has a cloud-based catalog of 20 million songs for purchase. Initially for a fixed monthly fee consumers can also upload songs to servers for streaming on the maker’s devices, Samsung said.


Like Samsung, Sony also is soon introducing a music service to challenge Apple’s iTunes online store, which offers more than 20 million songs. Soon the Music Hub service will be made available on multiple devices, Samsung said.

It is speculated that while Sony’s music service requires an Internet connection for streaming songs, Samsung’s Music Hub allows users to store songs on their devices for listening offline.

Only recently Samsung acquired mSpot Inc., a provider of Web- based music and video content. Samsun’s music hub uses mSpot’s cloud- computing technology.


Looks like a new battle is heating-up: Sony Vs Samsung Vs Apple !!