In a bid to take the Apple’s Iphone head-on, Samsung launched another smartphone, Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 tracks the user’s eye movements to keep the screen from dimming or turning off while in use. Galaxy S3 hit stores in 28 European and Middle East countries, including Germany, as Samsung aims to increase its lead over Apple months ahead of its new iPhone.


If reports are to be believed people are queuing in huge numbers outside the Samsung stores all across the Europe. It’s also been said that never before there has been such a euphoria for a new Samsung phone. On one side, Samsung has been praised for its aggressive marketing strategies, on the other, tech analysts have quoted Tim Cook led Apple is losing its focus on iPhone and seem to be more inclined toward the iTV. Only couple of days ago, Tim Cook was quoting media about Apple’s big plans about iTV.

“Consumers have been waiting for the Galaxy S3. It’s one of the few emblematic smartphone launches this year,” said Laurent Lame, marketing director of devices for French operator SFR. He said Samsung was aiming for a similar buzz as with iPhone launches.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on Google’s Android operating system, boasts a 4.8-inch (12.2 cm) screen, one of the largest on smartphones ever, and of course, much bigger than the 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4S.

Top global carriers – from Britain’s Vodafone to Singapore’s SingTel – have started to promote the S3 aggressively. The Galaxy S3′s sales could easily surpass Galaxy S2’s 20 million sales worldwide.

Samsung itself believes that Galaxy S3 is its flagship model. Many critics are already rating the Samsung Galaxy S3 better than the iPhone. This surely seems to be an exciting phone in the market.