Putting halt to the smart-phone rumors, the world’s no. 1 social media website, Facebook is now eyeing Nokia for potential buyout in order to catapult into the mobile hardware sector. Speculations are one Paris-based marketing expert predicted a “FacePhone” will happen in 18 months, and the social networking giant will buy Nokia for $10 billion to make it happen.


This could also mean a really good news for Microsoft too because there is already an existing hardware operating system partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, which will also find the way into Facebook’s plans for a smartphone. This could also mean that the FacePhone would use the Windows Phone operating system, said Paul Amsellem, managing director of Mobile Network Group, a mobile marketing company. Amsellem said cash-filled Facebook from its recent IPO, could purchase Nokia for $10 billion, even though Nokia is valued at around $15 billion, with its stock price declining in recent months.


Microsoft has close ties with Facebook since its stock investment in Facebook in 2007 and the collaboration by the two on Internet search to boost Microsoft’s Bing search engine, but one may expect the combination of all three companies could be powerful.

Facebook did mention while filing its IPO few days back that with the Securities and Exchange Commission that users’ shifting from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices were hurting its ability to sell advertisements, hence Facebook is quickly trying to make some in-roads on the mobile platforms market.