Priscilla Chan, the sweetheart and wife of the world’s youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, is the child of a Chinese-Vietnamese father, Dennis Chan, who landed in America in the 70s. Later Dennis Chan opened a Chinese restaurant, where he worked grueling 20-hours a day as he dreamt of living the American dream along with his family and first-born daughter, Priscilla.


Priscilla Chan was brought up mainly by her grandmother as her mother, Yvonne, worked long hours at a food chain in Boston. Priscilla Chan studied at a state-run Quincy High School in the town of Quincy, near Boston. Priscilla was bright and determined since her school days. Her science teacher and tennis coach, Peter Swanson, said “She came up to me during that first year, when she was 13, and said, What do I have to do to get into Harvard University?” the Daily Mail quoted.


Priscilla knew what she wanted, even back then I encouraged her to join the tennis team because I knew that Harvard would require her to have a well-rounded profile- said Peter. Priscilla’s grandmother had a profound effect on her life. Her grandmother was her emotional support while her parents worked long hours at the city restaurants.

Miss. Chan worked incredibly hard at her studies and graduated with top class grades. She did everything she needed to round out her profile and make it attractive enough for Harvard. She also joined the tennis club, though she was not natural at it, but with hard work and practice she steadily improved.

Peter Swanson visited Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg at their residence in Palo Alto, California, last year, where Priscilla introduced Peter to Mark, and Zuckerberg proudly said, ‘Behind every great man there is a great woman’. People are saying how lucky Priscilla is to marry Mark, but he knows he’s the lucky one!!


Priscilla is the ultimate story of the American dream made good. Her parents came to US with virtually nothing and she has married a self-made billionaire. It doesn’t get much better than it. Priscilla recently graduated from the medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. She plans to become a pediatrician.