Finally, after almost a year after team India’s World Cup victory in 2011, Poonam Pandey has kept her promise by striping for Shah Rukh Khan’s KKR. This time around Poonam Pandey bared it all without any warning, and gave a big surprise to not just her fans but also everyone else !!


The Twitter world is abuzz with the hot picture of Poonam Pandey, and the daring lady is trending big time all over the world after posting her picture.  CITYHYD has captured what the people are saying about the super sexy Poonam Pandey. Check out these interesting tweets:


Guess who won the IPL? Poonam Pandey’s fans!

SRK ‘s family and POONAM Pandey’s parents must be so Proud of them … They finally did what they promised..

Difference between Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone … Same Difference between Dollar and Rupee 1:56

Luke Pomersbach confessed to his crime, somewhere Poonam Pandey is turned on!

I think Poonam Pandey is the only woman who will take the least time to get ready for a photoshoot..

Poonam Pandey’s clothes are always threatening to walk off her.

Dear Poonam Pandey, Today, Services and Tamil Nadu meet in the finals of the Santosh Trophy. FYI

PORNam Pandey trends up !


Poonam Pandey sure knows how to roll the ball in her favor, Good Luck daring lady !!