Well, the IPL5 is over, and it has KKR written all over the jumbo IPL5 trophy !! The king Khan, Shah Rukh, looked super excited post victory and almost looked drunk and drugged. Anyway, we captured what people are thinking about Gauri Khan’s reaction post KKR victory, obviously she didn’t look much amused with the cricket match. So, there you go:


“I am excited” is all Gauri Khan could drub up after a KKR win? Considering SRK looked like his skull would leave his skin in excitement !

Gauri Khan’s I’m excited expression = Nita Ambani’s Satyamev Jayate face.

Gauri Khan was secretly calling the Mumbai Police …asking them to Raid the KKR IPL party…

Gauri Khan looks as annoyed with SRK’s stupidity as we the viewers!

Gauri Khan gave the look that every delhi wife gives whose husband comes home drunk every night.

Gauri khan had money riding on CSK. That woman looked pissed!!

When it comes to giving interviews, Gauri Khan’t.

Gauri Khan almost asked Sanjay “Did we win the match?

The award for “Most Unexcited way to say I’m Very Excited” goes to Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan is not interested because KJo is taking SRK home tonight.

Omg gauri khan saying “I’m so excited ” as if someone just died. Maybe its all the botox !

Gauri Khan should be todays woman of the match for keeping priyanka chopra far from SRK

Gauri Khan takes sigh that finally SRK hysteria and madness ends as IPL ends.

Gauri Khan saying “I’m so excited” fell flat like Rebecca Black’s “We we we so excited”


ROFL !!!  KKR boys did so much hard work, just to hear a lame comment from their owner’s wife…lol

You can do better Gauri Khan 😉