After twist and turns into the IPL Molestation case, Indo-American woman, Zohal Hamid, has decided to withdraw the molestation case against Australian cricketer, Luke Pomersbach, after reaching an out of court settlement.


Zohal will also drop legal actions against RCB owner, Siddhartha Mallya, for casting aspersions on her character through tweets after she complained to police about molestation by Luke Pomersbach. In fact, Siddhartha Mallya tweeted- “So glad that all charges have been dropped and Luke can return down under A FREE MAN!” Later the junior Mallaya also tweeted that he never meant to question Zohal’s character and people misconstrued his tweets.


So, looks like Mallyas were able to settle things down out of the court. Anyway, the matter seems to be resolved now and both Zohal and Luke will never want to talk about it any time in the future :)