Finally after a long wait, the news is Cinemax is opening at the InOrbit Mall, HiTech City, Hyderabad, on coming Saturday i.e. May 26, 2012. The Hyderabad techies in the Hitech region have been long waiting for the cineplex to open in the proximity of their offices, and before this incident, there have been many rumors already about the opening of Cinemax at the InOrbit mall. Nevertheless, the wait is finally over and this time it is 100% confirmed that it will be opened for screening coming weekend.

Cinemax InOrbit Mall

Already the parking changes at the InOrbit Mall have taken place, you will now find the automated ticket generator at the parking entry and manual ticket verification at the exits. Despite having one of the most sorted parking areas within the Hyderabad, parking will be a big challenge for the mall authorities given that InOrbit is undoubtedly the most famous mall in the Hyderabad city, considering the foot falls each day.

Anyway, as far as the Hyderabadi public is concerned – they have got one more choice to watch their favorite movie. So, next time don’t get caught by your boss while bunking your office 😉

Cheers !!