Well, we thought to play with technology and we thought but better than to with Twitter. So, we are bringing you the latest trends in Hyderabad, live from Twitter :)


Hence, we captured few tweets for top 4 trends in Hyderabad moment, check out, it’s fun:

Trend#1 Tweets:

#GrandTheftAutoTaughtMe that its normal for an ambulance to run over hundreds of people just to save one person

#GrandTheftAutoTaughtMe that it is perfectly acceptable to kill prostitutes and steal their money

#GrandTheftAutoTaughtMe i can go to the barber shop with a fade and leave with braids.


Trend#2 Tweets:

#ThingsLessFakeThanIPL Sridevis nose, Shilpa shetty’s nose, Priyanka Chopra’s lips, and an entire Rakhi Sawant

#ThingsLessFakeThanIPL Sunny Leone was shy shooting lovemaking scene: Mahesh Bhatt

#ThingsLessFakeThanIPL Dhakkan ke neeche code hai. Code ke peeche sona hai.


Trend#3 Tweets:

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Fall in love. Get their hearts shredded. Repeat.

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Care about what others believe.

#StupidThingsPeopleDo Behave like a bambling bumbling band of baboons!!


Trend#4 Tweets:

She didn’t notice anything strange for 9 months? #Shilpa Shetty surprised on becoming mother

So if #Shilpa Shetty goes for another kid, this boy born today automatically wins the Big Brother title, no?

Shilpa Shetty gave birth to a boy today.The baby started banging its head against the wall as soon as it realized its aunt is Shamita Shetty

ROFL !!!

Hope you had fun with this Trending Tweet Game, Cheers :)