Veena Malik is a surely a controversy queen, wherever she goes a new controversy follows her. Anyway, we are not going to discuss about any of miseries but we are going to mention about the bold and the beautiful Veena’s admirers outside the Indian subcontinent. Can’t believe it? Read further.


Recently, Veena Malik was doing a film shoot in Fiji. During her stay in Fiji, it came across that Veena Malik has a big fan following in Fiji. And the list includes some really top-notch individuals such as Fiji’s Attorney General, whose name is Aiyaz Sayed. When Mr.AG heard about Veena Malik shooting in Fiji, he decided to pay her a visit. In fact, post his visit AG said to the media that-  “Veena Malik is a glamorous actress. I’ve seen her work and I think she’s a very good actress. She carries herself well off-the-screen as well.”

To this Veena Malik responded- “It was a great experience meeting the Attorney General of Fiji. I learned a lot about Fiji from him.”


So, you see? Veena is good at learning new things and her popularity is beyond everyone’s imagination :)