Chelsea shocked Bayern Munich in a dramatic penalty shoot-out at the Allianz Arena to win the Champions League for the first time.


Overall, the match was a closely contested battle between the two finalists, and only in the 82nd minute of the match Thomas Mueller’s header put Bayern Munich on the brink of victory on home territory, but Didier Drogba leveled things up with a superb header at the dying minutes of the match just before the 90th-minute whistle was blown.

The Drogba header inhaled a new life and freshness among the Chelsea players and in the extra time Chelsea looked far more confident as compared to Bayern Munich’s players. Torres can be unlikely Chelsea hero, he specifically seemed extreme agile in the extra time and played top class football despite receiving a Yellow Card almost at the end of extra time, just before the penalty shoot outs.


On the other side, Bayern Munich looked tired in the extra time. Marred by the injuries to players such as Ribery, who playing fantastically well, Bayern looked a little weak in their attack. Robben tried hard, but not only he missed the penalty chance, but also fumbled the ball a lot of time while attacking at the Chelsea goal post.

In the Penalty shoot outs post extra time, Mata missed Chelsea’s first penalty but David Luiz, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole were all successful. Philipp Lahm, Mario Gomez and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer were all on target for Bayern Munich. Then came the twist in the tale, when Cech denied Ivica Olic and Bastian Schweinsteiger hit the post to leave Chelsea on the brink and present Drogba with his moment of destiny. Drogba was calmness personified as he rolled the ball past the Bayern Goal Keeper, Neuer, to unleash wild scenes of elation among Chelsea players, staff and supporters.


Champions League that gave Chelsea their greatest agony when they lost on penalties to Manchester United 4 years ago in Moscow has now delivered the greatest glory in their 107-year history. Certainly a great day for the English club team.


Chelsea fans in city of Nizaams, Hyderabad, India, are elated with Chelsea’s success and throwing big parties on Sunday. Going by the reports, Chelsea has a great following in Hyderabad, in fact, the numbers are so high that one could barely find a Bayern Munich fan within the city. CITYHYD.INFO spoke to Chelsea fans and their reactions were ecstatic. A fan said- “We have been waiting for so long and finally, the moment has come, tomorrow I’m throwing a party at my home and the dress code is sea blue jersey. I wish Drogba and Torres especially for their awesome show. Of course, whole Chelsea team played well. We love Chelsea and we will always support them. Thanks for winning the Champions League.”

So, it is party time not just for the CFC, but also for the supporters from all across the world including the fans here in Hyderabad.