The much-awaited Pawan Kalyan starrer ‘Gabbar Singh’ already hit screens globally and if one were to go by the early reports about the film, it was house-full everywhere, despite being screened in about 850 screens alone in Andhra Pradesh.

Telugu cinema enthusiast  in over 6 countries and several states in India including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Maharashtra, had their eye-full of their favourite ‘Power Star’ with the leading lady Shruthi Haasan and the ‘Abhimanyu’ villain who has begun to get noticed in tinsel town. There were international fil premiers and none has been disappointing.

Overall, the film is indulgent, but sometimes Pawan Kalyan’s swagger and slow-motion shots slacken the pace. Also some point in the film, you may feel the dialogues over the top. But despite its flaws, Gabbar Singh is here for a hell of a ride.  Though, the film is a telugu remake of Salman starer Dabangg, but it has a different rendition, which certainly makes the audiences to stop the comparison.


Undoubtedly, Pawan Kalyan carries the film entirely on his shoulders, but there is no onscreen chemistry with Shruti whatsoever. She is only a show piece in the movie where she has little to do apart from smiling and looking pretty. The uber-hyped item number ‘Kevvu Keka’ was a chart-buster, but onscreen it’s a big let down despite Malaika.


Pawan Kalyan fans are surely in for a treat with the film as he delights audiences with his super comedy and punchy dialogues. The film would definitely fill the coffers of the producer.

For Gabbar Singh, it is Pawan Kalyan all the way !!