In our quest for a human dimension in a hectic schedule, the spa – separately, in an airport or as part of a resort or hotel – is becoming a must pampering experience that highlights a healthy, natural and extremely enjoyable rejuvenation zone.

O2 Spa’s treatments have been carefully designed to energize your body, mind and soul. The treatments have been customized depending on the location, by keeping in mind the guest’s needs. An airport spa would incorporate express treatments keeping in mind, the traveler’s limited time.

Whether it is an express Spa & Salon with a selected few treatments or a complex set-up with exotic features and a wide array of spa services, O2 Spa has a complete solution for any airport or a hospitality organization. With in-house design, training, product development, marketing and management capabilities, O2 Spa can offer individual solutions from green field projects to complete spa management of existing facilities.


Address: Multiple locations within Hyderabad, visit website.