O yes, GVK One Mall is one of few malls in Hyderabad that houses shopping, food plus cinema. INOX – multiplex with 6 screens on the third floor, along with a kids-entertainment themed center ‘Funzone’ is a delight for everyone visiting the GVK One mall. In terms of multi-screen theaters in the Hyderabad, Inox Cinemas will rank among the top, if not the number one. The ambiance of all the screen at Inox is great, the sound and the picture quality is of world class level with a comfortable seating. In short, you are in for a great movie experience at Inox.


Undoubtedly, GVK One mall is a great place to visit, be it shopping, food or cinema you are most certainly in for a good time. The ambiance of the entire mall is nice, there is a multi-floor basement parking, which isn’t as good as the InOrbit Mall, but still better than the City Center Mall. Yeah one word of advice, the drive way to the parking at various levels is a little steep, so beware if you are a new driver.And yes, it is not a free parking, no money for guessing that!


You can book your movie tickets either from the Inox’s website or from third party ticketing websites such as BookMyShow. It’s advisable that you book the tickets online before you leave for the movie because the odds are you won’t get the ticket for the same day then and there itself. The last row of each screen at Inox is designed for Luxury Seating, you can see the picture below. Of course, it charges more than the usual tickets, but be assured you are going to have a extra comfortable movie experience. You are not allowed to carry any eatables inside the Inox, not even water, due to security concerns. An awesome food court parallel to the Inox cinemas on the same floor is a great choice for having the best of food before or after the movie.

Luxury Seating

CITYHYD Rating: One of the best cinemas in the city Hyderabad, big advantage- location and mall facilities!