City Center Mall in Banjara Hillls is one of the few malls in the Hyderabad city that is really popular among the masses. The mall indeed is situated at the heart of the city which certainly signifies its name as “City Center”.


Yes, City Center mall is probably the only mall in the city that has so many different options of having the best of the food in the entire Hyderabad. Of course, there is one and only reason behind it that is the presence of the very successful BJN Group on the top floor of the mall. BJN Group runs multiple food restaurants such as- Angeethi, Aromas of China, Sahib Singh Sultan, Indijoe etc. in the mall, and the best part is- all of them are together on the same floor of the City Center Mall, so all you need to do is just hop from one door to the next in order to experience a completely different cuisine and ambience. One thing that really works in City Center mall’s favor is that each and every single restaurant run by the BJN group is top of its game, meaning all these restaurants are either A-listed or quickly moving to the top position in their respective categories. They say- if you are at City Center Mall, you are most certainly in for a heavenly food delight!


There are many international and national brands located at the mall such as- Globus, Mufti Store, Levis, Planet Fashion, Max, Reid and Taylor, Lilliput, Bata, Jockey, Chemistry etc. There are few international sports such as Reebok and electronics brands Titan, Fastrack etc. that are of huge attraction to the people. Another thing that makes the mall hugely popular is its neighborhood. There are few top hotels very near to the mall such as- Taj Banjara and Taj Krishna, considering the cosmopolitan culture of the city these hotels are always full with the travelers or business people whom you will find wandering in the malls throughout the day. Did we mention it has a pub called Firangi Paani, also run by BJN Group, on the top floor of the mall which is very popular and rated as one of the best party spots within the Hyderabad city. And yes, if you are looking for a budget party with your friends, then there is a Mc Donalds open at the ground floor of the mall, so treat yourself to the fullest!


City Center Mall doesn’t have a very huge parking, but the basement parking that it has is free of any charge. Of course, the mall was built quite a long time back, and the parking was built expecting only a limited daily footfall, nevertheless it’s still an “ok” parking space. The ambience of the mall is good, the décor and the lightings are nice. The mall could be heavily crowded over the weekends but overall it’s not too much crowded. The only thing missing in the mall is a Cineplex, but guess what who cares when you have so many awesome options of having a great meal with your family or friends that too along with an ultimate hospitality. Recently, the SVN group has opened a fun city for the children and a bowling alley for the youngsters. There are not too many lanes in the bowling alley, but may be only 4, still it’s a good place to hang out with your family and friends. Overall, City Center is one of the best malls in the Hyderabad city and when it comes to food, it has to be rated as the top spot in the entire city.

Address: City Center Mall, Level 0, Road # 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, AP

Phone: +91 40 6559 8230