Charminar built in 1591 AD, is a landmark monument located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The two words Char Minar of Urdu Language are combined to which it is known as Charminar (Four Towers). These are four ornate minarets attached and supported by four grand arches, it has become the global icon of Hyderabad and is listed among the most recognized structures of India. The Charminar is on the east bank of Musi river.


To the northeast lies the Laad Bazaar and in the west end lies the granite-made richly ornamented Makkah Masjid.


One of the most popular reasons why people love Charminar is because of the not so expensive shopping markets around it. Pretty much anywhere in the city if you ask for authentic and inexpensive Pearls, the only answer you going to get is at Charminar! And then there is Laad Bazaar, popularly known for its glass bangles in special Hyderabadi designs. “Laad” meaning lacquer is used for making bangles, on which artificial diamonds are studded. Laad Bazaar is over an one kilometer long shopping strip. At Laad Bazaar most of the shops sell pearls, household stuff, bangles, saris, and wedding jewellery at a very reasonable price.


Like Eiffel Tower for France, Charminar is for Hyderabad. Pretty much in whole India, if you show a picture of Charminar to someone, the answer will be- “o Charminar, Hyderabad…Ok”. Yes, Charminar has made itself the identity of the Hyderabad….Of course, such is its importance :). So, if you are in Hyderabad, you simply can’t miss visiting this place. Lately, this place is now called the Old Hyderabad, but the cultural and the traditional presence is so much evident that you will love your time here.

Address: Khilwat, Charminar, Hyderabad, AP 500082, India